Picky Eater

Most know with Autism that our kids are very picky eaters. My son barely eats meat and the only way we get fruits and veggies in him is through purée pouches. He usually just eats pasta.

I get daily sheets from the developmental preschool he attends letting me know what he has eaten at school. One day I saw where he ate chicken nuggets. I have bought every type of chicken nugget I could think of and he would not touch them.

Last week when I went grocery shopping I bought some popcorn chicken. My husband asked me this last weekend what do we want to feed Graham for lunch. Well I said we can try the popcorn chicken. So he cooks it up and I try to give it to him, he sticks it in his mouth and takes it right back out. Then I thought maybe give him some ketchup to dip it in. Guess what?! Sure enough he started eating the chicken!!! I was so excited and then my hope was that it wasn’t just a one time fluke and that he would eat it again. So I continued to feed him the chicken all weekend and he ate it!!

It may sound like something so small but it is a huge success for our family! Now I have to go buy more and stock up!

Our first attempt at dipping the chicken in ketchup to see if he would eat it!
He started dipping and eating them in his own!!

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